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What you need to know…

The sewer system is something most homeowners don’t usually have at the top of their list until there is a problem. 

Toilets, sinks, showers & bathtubs can easily be affected by a sewage backup; which is usually a complete mess to clean up!

Before the late 1970’s, old sewer pipe materials were made from clay, concrete, orange-burg & iron pipes. 

Tree roots are the most known for intruding sewer lines at pipe joints or stressed, damaged areas. Once the tree roots work their way inside the pipe, tiny feeder roots will spread out like a net catching toilet paper & waste.

Tree Roots Enter Through Pipe Joints

Naturally tree roots search for surrounding soil for mosture and nutrients.  Gradually the roots will clog the pipes with no way to drain but backing up into your home.

What is the Water Jet?

Water jet sewer cleaning is a high- pressure hose with a specialized nozzle on the end. There is a hose connected to a machine that pressurizes water, directing it through the pipes to cleaning and clearing our the sewer pipe. It is a spring-loaded spinning blades to scrape away roots all the way down the pipe walls.

This will allow your sewer flow to be free flowing again.

water jet for cleaning drains

How Can We Help?

An experienced DeHart technician will first clear the sewer pipe by running a snake through it.

Then do a video inspection to fully inspect the sewer pipes to find the clog or damaged areas.

We also use the Hydro Jetting equipment which can blast through most obstables, then scrub away grease and debris.

This will leave your pipe as clean as the day it was installed!

Once drain pipes are professionally cleaned, you can keep them clean longer with regular applications of a bioenzyme-promoted product without harming the trees and shrubs.

plumbing and drain experts

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At DeHart, we are eternally grateful to our dedicated, friendly, hardworking employees. We feel sincere pride in how our team puts our customers first, every time.

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