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Are you thinking of your New Year’s resolutions for 2018?

Many people are looking for ways to live healthier and save more money in the New Year, but they might not know that their HVAC systems can help them do both! 

Today we’re going to provide you with four HVAC-related New Year’s resolutions that will help cut your expenses and make for a healthier home environment!

A New Year with New Goals

When you have complete comfort in your home, you & your family will be happier!

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Schedule a Tune-Up & Saftey Inspection

Annual tune-ups can save you money in a number of different ways in 2018! By scheduling a tune-up for your air conditioner in the Spring and your furnace in the Fall, you can avoid costly breakdowns, lower your energy bills & extend the operating lives of your units.

Saftey inspection & tune-ups are essential to minimize the amount of money you spend on repairing and operating your heating and air system this upcoming year!

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Heating & Air Check up

When you have complete comfort in your home, you and your family will be happy!

Check & Change your Air Filter once a month

You’d be surprised at the amount of people who spend too much money on their heating and cooling bills simply because they haven’t changed their air filters.

A dirty filter blocks your HVAC system’s airflow, which significantly increases operating costs. In addition, a dirty filter will not provide adequate protection for your furnace or air conditioner (which can lead to costly breakdowns) and will allow airborne contaminants to circulate throughout your home.

Use your Thermostat to Save Money

If you’re like most people, your home is unoccupied for a chunk of the day when your family is at school or work.

You can cut your heating and cooling costs by adjusting your thrermostat during those hours. A programmable thermostat makes this simple because you can tell it what hours of the day & which days of the week there is less of a demand for heating & cooling needs.

Make Your Home Healthier with a High-Quality Air Filteration System

Most standard air filters are only capable of protecting your HVAC system from airborne contaminants; they do little to take care of the tiny particles in your air that affect the health of you and your family. By installing an air cleaner or air purifier in your heating and air conditioning system, you can remove nearly all of the harmful contaminants from your home’s air.

Allow your family to live & breath healthier in 2018!

If you have any questions about these New Year’s resolutions for your HVAC system, or if you’d like a heating and cooling system serviced or installed in your home, contact us here at DeHart!

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