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Is your A/C giving you grief? You’ve come to the right place!

Many homeowners don’t know when the best time to replace their air conditioners is. But, knowing when to schedule air conditioning replacement services can save you a lot of money in the long run. Old, outdated air conditioners can be extremely inefficient, costing you hundreds on repairs and energy bills. 

Plus from now until August 30th, we are including a FREE Water Heater with the purchase of a complete HVAC system! And did you hear that you can take advantage of 120 Month Financing with No Payments for 6 Months? Fill out the form below to request an estimate and learn more! 

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Common Things to Look Out For:

Short Cycling - If you notice that your air conditioner starts, then stops before it completes a cooling cycle, this is called short cycling. This is terrible for the efficiency of your AC system and can lead to a full breakdown if not addressed.

Unusually High Utility Bills - If your air conditioning bills are higher than normal and you’re running your AC the same way, you’ve likely got a problem. It could be due to dirty filters, failing parts, lack of maintenance or something else.

Outdated Equipment - If your air conditioner still runs on R-22 refrigerant, it’s definitely time to consider your options. R-22 was phased out at the start of 2020 and there are more environmentally friendly options available.

Frequent Repairs - If you’ve had to repair your air conditioner two or more times in the past few years it’s a sign of a larger issue. Investing money into an inefficient system is never wise.

Age of Equipment - If your air conditioner is between the age of 12-15, it’s time to consider replacing it. Even if it’s still operating, it may not be operating efficiently.

Inadequate Cooling - You shouldn’t be noticing hot spots in your home while your air conditioner is running.

We can help you select a new system that will best meet your cooling needs and provide top-notch AC installation in the Modesto area.

There are many options on the market today, so let us walk you through the decision-making process by giving us a call at (209) 523-4578