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Serving the Greater Modesto, CA Area

Serving the Greater Modesto, CA Area

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Tank Water Heaters in Modesto, CA

We like to think of tank water heaters as the unsung hero of the home. Do you know how important your water heater is? We want to make it apparent today. Your water heater accounts for nearly 17% of your home’s energy use. We’re sure that you use your water heater almost every day. Think about it—when was the last time you took a cold shower or washed your white clothes on cold? You need a great water heater since you’re using your water heater so often. We can help you find that water heater. 

We’re here no matter what you need—electric tank water heaters, gas tank water heaters, and your standard hot water tanks. DeHart Plumbing, Heating, and Air Inc. in Modesto, CA has your back with absolutely everything you need. 

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Tank Water Heater Installation and Replacement

If you’re looking for a brand new tankless water heater, we’re going to be here to help you find what you need. We know that it’s important that you have a great tankless water heater at home. We’re going to give you the information necessary to make the right decision. We know that you’ve already narrowed down your choice to a tank water heater system, but what brand do you want it from? What type of fuel do you want to use to power it? We’ll help you decide. 

We can work on electric tank water heaters and gas tank water heaters. If you need great installation and/or replacement services to get your home in great shape, we’re going to provide this for you. Call us today. 

Tank Water Heater Repair 

Let’s talk about your tankless water heater repair work. If you’ve noticed that your tankless water heater does any of the following, you’re going to need to call us:

  • Provides inconsistent water heating
  • Causes unreasonably high water bills
  • Provides colored/ dirty water
  • Provides "hard" water
  • Provides poor-tasting water

None of these issues are things that you should deal with in your home. These are real problems that you’re dealing with. Your tank water heater system is an appliance that you need to provide you with consistent service. If you can’t find this from your system, it’s going to be a significant problem. Just make sure that you come to us when you want repair work. We can provide you with high-quality, fast, and efficient work. 

Tank Water Heater Maintenance

Yes, you’re going to need tank water heater maintenance too. Maintenance isn’t only for your air conditioning and heating units. Maintenance is also for your home’s tank water heater. You should flush your tank water heater on a regular basis. "Flushing" the system will remove all of the hard water build up in your water heater. This means that you’re going to get better water quality, better water heater service, and a longer lifespan for your water heater system.

You need to schedule an appointment with us. We even have a maintenance plan that you can enroll in if you’re trying to take care of your tank water heater long term. Call us for all of your traditional tank water heater needs in Modesto, CA. 

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