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Water Treatment Systems in Modesto, CA

DeHart Plumbing, Heating, and Air Inc.

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How is the quality of your water? If the answer is anything less than excellent, then you would likely benefit from one of our many water treatment system services in Modesto, CA. The team at DeHart Plumbing, Heating, and Air Inc. specializes in cleaning and filtering water for residential use.

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When we say we put our customers first, we mean it. We’ll provide you with a comfort consultation to test your water. Then we can discuss some new and innovative ways of improving your water quality that won’t break your budget.

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Your Water Treatment Options

We install and service a variety of water treatment systems. Before we install a water treatment system in your home, we will first test your water to see what kind of contaminants you are dealing with. Based on our findings, we can help you select an option that will best fit your needs. Water treatment options include:

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: These water treatment systems are very effective for purifying the water supplied by your plumbing system. Using a set of pre-filters, along with a semipermeable membrane, a reverse osmosis system can remove vast amounts of pollutants and chemicals, leaving you with high-quality drinking water.
  • Water Filtration Systems: A water filtration system is put in place to treat all of the water entering your home. These whole-house filtration systems are incredibly effective at removing the particles and sediment that find their way into your water supply.
  • Water Softeners: These systems are specifically designed for removing hardness from your water. Hardness is a result of minerals in high concentrations. A water softener eliminates these minerals by exchanging them with sodium ions.

Choosing the right system for your home is dependent upon the results of your water testing. Be sure to schedule your water testing with us if you suspect you are dealing with low quality water in your home.

Trust Us for Comprehensive Water Treatment Services

From water testing to installation, we can handle it all. Our team will assess the quality of your drinking water in order to help you select the best water treatment system for your home. It is important that you hire an expert for professional installation to ensure that your water treatment system is properly integrated into your plumbing system.

In addition to installation, your water treatment system will require regular upkeep services, including repair and maintenance. Even the most durable systems will require maintenance and repair to make sure that they are efficient and effective. Plus, these services are key to ensuring a long and successful service life. Make sure that you always choose a professional plumbing company in Modesto for your water treatment services—no exceptions. The quality of the water in your home is simply too important to leave to chance.