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What to Do When You’re Without Water

Did you wake up to find out the hard way that your home has a plumbing problem? Perhaps there’s a major leak that needs to be fixed, or an issue in the main water line outside of your home. Either way, as you sit there wishing you had clean water for that first cup of coffee, it’s never a good situation to be in. We understand, which is why we’re going to try and help.

When dealing with a big leak, sometimes the best thing to do can be to shut off your home’s access to water. This will alleviate any further damage and buy you time for a professional to arrive. But what do you do from that point on? There’s no rulebook on plumbing repair in Stockton, CA, especially from a homeowner’s standpoint, so what are you supposed to do?

Well, here are a few tips on how to do some necessary things when you’re without water.

Have Drinking Water On-Hand

First things first, make sure you have plenty of drinking water on-hand. This could be bottled water from the grocery store, or it could be some juices or canned seltzer, but it should be something that keeps you hydrated. In order to be healthy, people need to drink plenty of water during the day, especially if they’re exercising.

So make sure you and your family have plenty of water to drink. That at least buys you some time and you don’t have to worry about your health.

Call a Friend or Family Member

Need to take a shower or get ready in some specific way? This might be the perfect opportunity to say hello to a friend or family member who lives nearby. Most people don’t mind if you’re going to use their bathroom or running water once or twice. So don’t hesitate to reach out to a friend to ask if you can borrow their bathroom.

Take a Quick Vacation

Has this stressful situation reached your limit? It might be time to take a little vacation. Tell your local plumber where the spare key is located so they can have access to your home to fix the problem while you’re gone. But have fun staying at a hotel to take a break and get access to plenty of clean, hot water.

Communicate With Your Plumber

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as telling your plumbing about how much of a pickle you’re in. Many plumbers will shift their schedule to help a community member in need, especially if they don’t have access to clean water in their homes.

Communication is key because if you don’t tell your plumber about the severity of the situation, they might not know how much of an emergency it is. And, if you’ve got work and kids to take care of, then a plumber is going to be your best friend to set everything right. So, be sure to tell your plumber about your issue so they can get there ASAP.

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