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Here’s Why You’ve Got to Change Your AC’s Filter Now!


Winters in Modesto can get so cold that you can sometimes forget how hot the summers can be. While it is still a while to go until the temperatures start rising, you should remember that you will need to rely heavily on your AC to keep you cool. Taking care of your AC is crucial if you want it to continue taking care of you.

Do you remember the last time you changed the AC’s air filter? Most people do not realize it, but changing out your system’s air filter is a crucial AC maintenance step to keep it running efficiently without it breaking down when you need it the most.

We will tell you some of the most crucial reasons why you have got to change your AC’s air filter. And if you are not sure how to change the air filter yourself or run into any other problems with the unit, we are a Modesto HVAC contractor who’d love to help.

Why You Should Change Your AC Filter

Here are the things you can expect to happen if you keep using your AC without changing the air filter:

Decreased efficiency

The air filter is responsible for keeping the dirt and dust particles from entering the system. If you do not replace the filter, it will start clogging up and blocking the airflow. When your AC cannot get enough air, it will have a harder time keeping your home cool.

A dirty air filter can also trigger short-cycling that can make your unit more inefficient. Its compressor will keep turning on and off without completing its cooling cycle, wasting energy without cooling your home properly.

Higher repair costs

A dirty air filter makes your air conditioner work harder than it needs to so it can maintain ideal indoor temperatures. When your system has to work harder, the wear and tear can accelerate. Gradually, it can lead to inefficiency and breakdowns that can result in very expensive repairs. Changing your air filter can keep your system working for far longer before you have to schedule repairs.

Poor air quality

The air filter’s primary job is to make sure that no dust or dirt particles enter the system. However, the air filter can also provide you with cleaner air quality. The filter stops the dirt and dust particles from entering your AC by trapping them. It means that the filter effectively removes the dirt and dust from the indoor air.

When the air filter is too clogged, the air may be forced to go around the air filter in your house, circulating the dirt and dust particles instead of trapping them. If someone has allergy problems at home, it could lead to health issues for them.

Schedule Professional Help

Changing the air filter can be one of the simplest maintenance tasks. However, you should not attempt to do it yourself if you are unsure how to do it. Contact us with any questions that you have. We’ll ensure that you’re able to handle your air filter replacement properly.

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