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Beware These Late Season Furnace Repairs


Spring may be here very soon, and that means there will be little time until summer arrives. Before you start making any plans for vacations, we recommend thinking about one very crucial part of your household before you go: Your furnace.

It might be odd to think about the furnace when the winter is almost over. However, addressing any repairs for your furnace late in the season might prove helpful. Late-season furnace repairs can catch you by surprise if you do not take care of them.

We are going to outline some of the most prominent repairs you should address before you make any plans. And of course, remember to call our team if you ever need heating repair in Stockton, CA.

Late Season Furnace Repairs to Watch Out For

Here are some of the most prominent late-season furnace repairs that you should keep an eye out for.

Faulty sequencer

The sequencer in your furnace is responsible for activating the heating elements in electric furnaces. It is necessary that each of the heating elements start turning on in a particular order. If all the heating elements power on at once, there is a danger of overloading the electric panel. Fixing a faulty sequencer can prevent any heating problems that it can cause.

Failing electric ignition system

Old-school furnaces used standing pilot lights to light the burners. However, modern units are more efficient and use an electronic ignition system. The system creates a spark that ignites the gas for the furnace to work. The ignition system can fail to function properly, and that means your furnace’s burners will not work. If your furnace burners are not turning on, it is possible that the electric ignition system is failing.

Loose wiring

Loose wires can always become a problem with electric furnaces. With many homeowners using modern electric furnaces, this is becoming an increasingly common problem. The wires can become slightly loose because the air handler tends to shake. If any wire becomes too loose in its position, the whole furnace can trip and stop working.

Broken thermostat connection

The thermostat is responsible for sending signals to the furnace, indicating when it should turn on and power off. The unit also activates the blower fan and heating elements based on your preferred settings. There is a set of wires that runs from the thermostat to your furnace. If these wires become loose, the furnace can stop working. Additionally, the furnace might stop working if there are any problems with the thermostat itself.

Why You Should Call a Professional to Help

When you need furnace repairs, we recommend calling in professionals. Skilled technicians have the expertise and training to handle furnace repairs. Attempting to fix any of these issues can end up creating bigger problems than the ones you already have. While there are several amateurs out there offering help at low prices, we recommend sticking to reputable technicians who can end up saving you much more in the long run by doing the job properly the first time around.

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