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Serving Northern California Since 1946


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How Our Professionals Do Duct Cleaning


Cleaning air ducts in the HVAC system of a home is an important service to help with energy savings and protecting indoor air quality. Ductwork naturally collects dust, dander, lint, and other debris; after about a year a thin layer will already build up inside the ductwork. Given enough time, this build-up creates resistance against airflow that lowers HVAC efficiency. It also turns into a reservoir of pollutants that circulate through the house, affecting air quality and making the home generally dirtier.

Thorough professional duct cleaning removes almost all of this debris and cleans other parts of the ventilation system. We recommend scheduling duct cleaning in Modesto, CA every three to five years with our team.

Duct Cleaning From Non-Professionals Is Mostly Useless

You might read this post with skepticism—and that’s healthy. There are many advertised “duct cleaning” services that don’t do much good at all. If you hire someone offering cut-rate duct cleaning prices, and then they’re in and out of your house in under an hour, the “cleaning” you got was negligible and won’t make much difference. Professional duct cleaning uses advanced tools to create negative pressure to agitate dust from the system. It’s an involved process, but it works.

The Professionals Steps

Here’s what to expect from professional duct cleaning:

A duct inspection: Our team won’t simply show up at your house and start cleaning out the ducts. We’ll inspect the vents and ducts first to see their current condition and how much work we need to do. This gives us a reference to show that we completed the job. We’ll use special video cameras to get a good look at the duct interiors.

Pressurize the ducts: This is the most important step—creating negative pressure within the ducts. We attach a powerful vacuum system onto the air handler of the HVAC system by cutting out a hole near where the ducts leave the air handler and then seal the vacuum onto it. We then go through the house to seal all the duct registers so the ventilation system is fully sealed. The vacuum comes on and creates negative pressure in the ductwork, which draws up dust and other debris and sucks them into the vacuum collection point.

Agitate the remaining dust: Now we do pinpoint cleaning to remove what’s left of the debris. Our technicians unseal the registers, remove the covers, and send in agitation equipment such as spinning brushes and compressed air to remove the remaining dust that was loosened by the negative pressure.

Final clean-up: The rest of the HVAC system needs some cleaning as well to ensure the job is done. We’ll take care of cleaning the air handler and the blower motor, as well as cleaning the vent registers and changing the air filter. 

This is a complete cleaning. If you hear stories about how duct cleaning “doesn’t work” or “doesn’t do anything,” they’re referring to the quick-n-lazy duct cleaning tactics, not the full service we provide. We’re focused on green living and savings for our customers using the finest tools and methods available—and that is exactly what you get with our duct cleaning services.

Look to Greenhart for duct cleaning in Modesto, CA. Live Green, Save Green!

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