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Serving Northern California Since 1946


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The One Indoor Air Quality Solution Every Home with Central HVAC Needs


Nobody likes to get sick–and unfortunately, the germs and viruses that make us ill are typically too small to see or feel. Microscopic pathogens such as bacteria, mold spores, and viruses can cause a wide range of health issues, and most people are unaware of what they’re breathing in as a result.

A general rule of thumb of the last couple of years has been that staying home helps us avoid sickness. But on the contrary, contaminants can be indoors and still make you sick, even without you going anywhere. This is especially true for households with central HVAC systems, which have a risk you might not have ever considered.

There may be mold, mildew, or bacteria present in your HVAC air ducts! And every time you run your central air conditioner or heating system, the blower fan helps those spores and particles enter your living space, where they have the opportunity to infect you and your family.

The solution to this? A UV germicidal light! This is also referred to as a UV air purifier. Read on to learn more!

What a UV Air Purifier Is

UV germicidal lights, or UV air purifiers, use ultraviolet light waves to target and destroy pathogens and deactivate them so they can’t enter your indoor air and harm anyone who may breathe them in. A whole-house UV air purifier can be installed directly into your HVAC system where it tackles mold, mildew, and bacteria right at the source.

How Does It Work?

As air passes through a UV air purifier, the short-wave ultraviolet light in the system breaks down the pathogens at a microscopic level, to render them incapable of functioning. The system forces air in and exposes pathogens and contaminants to UV light long enough to destroy them.

UV rays may be invisible to the naked eye, but they’re powerful! UV radiation has enough energy to damage germs and bacteria, without becoming a danger to you or your household occupants, including pets!


UV air purifiers, or UV germicidal lights, have a number of benefits that help improve your home’s indoor air quality. By preventing bacteria, mold spores, and viruses from spreading, a UV air purifier can significantly reduce your chance of getting sick.

These systems also use much less energy than typical air purifiers with small fans that stay on constantly. All of this helps keep you healthy but also reduces your energy bills.

Rely on Professionals for the Job

The best way to make sure you’re truly tackling the indoor air quality problems your home faces is by contacting qualified and experienced professionals. We can not only expertly install a UV air purifier for you, but also assess your home to see what other indoor air quality solutions may benefit you.

We want your home to be comfortable, safe, and healthy! This is why we provide a wide range of indoor air quality products, from UV germicidal lights and whole-house air filtration systems to humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Contact DeHart Plumbing, Heating, and Air Inc. to learn more about UV germicidal lights and to learn if one is right for your home!

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