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Beware! These 2 Things Lead to Early Pipe Replacement!


Your home’s plumbing is one of the most crucial aspects of the entire house. It makes sure that you can enjoy several comforts in life. Since we do not see our plumbing, it is easy for us to take it for granted.

Unfortunately, several possible issues can affect your pipes, drains, and appliances. One of the most significant problems you can face as a homeowner is early pipe replacement. Early pipe replacement is due to a lack of maintenance and overall neglect. Many reasons can lead to so much damage that you have to get it replaced far earlier than its expected lifetime.

We will discuss two of the most common reasons you might need early pipe replacement. If you ever need a plumber in Tracy, CA, to do the job, you can always remember us.

Reasons You Might Need Early Pipe Replacement

Here are the two main reasons you might be calling in a professional for early pipe replacement.

1. Limescale buildup

Limescale buildup is something you might already be aware of but do not pay much attention to in your home. The problem happens because of hard water flowing through the plumbing system for a long time. Have you ever seen hard white deposits on some of your appliances and in the sink? That is the mineral buildup left behind due to the hard water.

Imagine what can happen to the pipes over time as the hard water keeps flowing through them. You can somehow remove the limescale buildup from the sink and even in appliances. However, the mineral buildup in your pipes can start restricting the water flow and gradually make the system less effective.

If you do not remove it on time, the limescale buildup can make it impossible to get rid of the problem without damaging the pipes, leading to early pipe replacement.

2. Excessive corrosion

Most pipes used in modern homes are made using copper because it is corrosion-resistant. While copper is corrosion-resistant, it is not corrosion-free. Iron begins rusting up much faster than copper, which always led to frequent pipe replacements in homes with ancient plumbing.

Copper is better at resisting rust than iron, but it is still prone to corrosion under certain conditions. For instance, chlorine and formaldehyde particles in the soil can have a chemical interaction with copper that causes it to deteriorate. Copper pipes can also corrode due to chemicals we put down our drains to clean the pipes.

Store-bought chemical drain cleaners are highly corrosive, and using the wrong cleaning chemical can cause significant damage.

It’s Better to Call the Professionals

When it comes to preventing the need for early pipe replacement, we highly recommend calling in a professional. Scheduling annual plumbing maintenance services can prolong the effective lifespan of your plumbing by clearing any issues before they can cause significant damage. While you might have to pay to keep your pipes healthy, it will be far less than the cost of entirely replacing the piping.

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