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Spring Cleaning? How About Drain Cleaning?


Spring is one of the most anticipated seasons in a year. Flowers bloom, the temperature is not too hot or too cold—the weather is just perfect. People begin grabbing all their cleaning equipment to do a little spring cleaning as they come out of hibernation.

The conditions are ideal for getting your home back in shape after being shacked up in the cold weather. However, many people forget about one important thing when they are taking care of their spring cleaning: the plumbing system.

Cleaning your drains is not the most exciting chore, but it is a crucial one. If you have not cleaned the drains for a long time, you might be overdue to schedule drain cleaning services.

We will tell you some of the signs you need to schedule professional drain cleaning services. And if you are looking for a plumber in Tracy, CA, to come in and handle it, you can always call us.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Here is a look at some of the most important signs that you need to schedule professional drain cleaning services:

The water drains slowly

Clogged drains are the most common problem you can face. Drain clogs form over time because of gradual buildup in the pipes. As the buildup gets worse, water flow can become restricted. The result is water draining slowly down the sink and other water fixtures. If you ever notice the drainage getting slow, it is a sign that your drain requires professional attention.

Foul-smelling odors

A foul smell coming from your kitchen or bathroom drains is a tell-tale sign that you have a significant problem on your hands. Besides making your sensitive nose uncomfortable, the waste buildup in the pipes can cause significant damage over time. Calling in a professional for drain cleaning can clear out the waste and eliminate the bad smell.

Weird gurgling noises

Have you noticed any strange gurgling sounds while using the sink? While it might be nothing, there is a chance that grease buildup is causing an obstruction. Too much dirt and grease building up in the drain can cause air bubbles as the water goes down the pipe. You need to get it cleaned as early as possible before it starts causing more trouble.

Standing water

The most obvious sign that you need to schedule professional drain cleaning services is that the water is no longer draining. If your bathroom sink, bathtub, or kitchen sink are no longer draining the water, you have a serious problem on your hands. It is a sign that the drain is completely clogged, and only a professional can clear up the problem properly.

Get Some Professional Help

If you are not too sure about how to properly clear the drains, or the problem is getting out of hand, we recommend calling in a local plumber to handle the problem. Getting a professional to clean the drain can provide you with long-lasting results, keeping your gutters clear and your home clean.

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