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Here Are a Few Ways to Save Water This Summer

Summers in California can be a lot of fun, but the hot temperatures are unforgiving. Energy bills and water bills keep rising as you do everything you can to stay cool. However, saving water is necessary to reduce your water bill and to play your part in saving this precious resource.

We are going to suggest some of the most effective ways for you to save water this summer. And if you are in search of a plumber in Tracy, CA, you can always get in touch with us.

Here are Ways You Can Save Water This Summer

While you can save water using plenty of methods, here are some of the easiest suggestions that you can use to begin:

Upgrade to a low-flow toilet

You might be surprised to learn that your toilet is responsible for using more water than all the other water fixtures in your house. Some estimates indicate that 40% of your entire indoor water use is because of the toilet. A simple way to remedy this problem is installing a low-flow toilet. These innovative and efficient toilets do the same job while using less than half the water a regular toilet does for each flush.

Run the dishwasher with a full load

Dishwashers are the most convenient way to clean all your dirty dishes, running them when half-empty wastes water. The latest models of dishwashers are more efficient in terms of how much water they use. We recommend using the dishwasher only when you can fully load it. Let the dirty dishes accumulate up before you wash them. It will save a lot of water versus running the dishwasher several times.

Take shorter showers instead of long baths

As relaxing as baths can be, it is one of the worst practices if you are trying to cut down on water use. Substitute long baths with short showers to significantly reduce your water usage. Try to stick to a <10-minute shower for an ideal cooldown experience without using too much water.

Schedule leak detection services

If your water bills are increasing despite your best efforts to reduce your usage, you might have a leak somewhere. Since you cannot be sure whether you have a leak until you see obvious water damage or puddles forming in your house, scheduling leak detection services can save you a lot of time. If you call in a professional plumber on the first sign of a water leak, it can save you loads of money down the line that you might have to pay for expensive repairs.

Get Some Professional Help to Save Water

Whether you need to schedule leak detection services or need someone to install a low-flow toilet, getting the professionals to come in is the best way to go. Trying to address plumbing tasks yourself can end up with you creating a big mess. Contacting a professional plumber can help you save costs for expensive repairs, and they can even help you save more water by giving you more important tips.

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