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“My Water Pressure Dropped, What Happened?”

Let’s say you’ve turned on the shower in the morning to wake yourself up and prep for the day, but you notice that water isn’t coming out as powerfully as it usually does. And then, you notice this same problem across the board–various faucets throughout your home have no water pressure.

Whether it’s time to panic or not depends on a few factors. A drop in water pressure is definitely a cause for concern, and in most cases, it’s wise to go ahead and call a plumber. But read on as we dive more into this issue to help you understand what’s happening when your water pressure drops.

How Many Taps Are Suffering from Low Water Pressure?

So what if it’s only one tap–the showerhead in your master bedroom, the kitchen faucet, another faucet in your home–that is suffering from low water pressure? It could be a problem as simple as silt collecting in the aerator. If this is the case, all you need to do to resolve the problem is unscrew the aerator and clean it off. You can use something like vinegar to make it a little easier.

Once you have the aerator off, turn on the faucet to ensure that water pressure is back to normal. If not, then there is another problem.

And if the water pressure problem is impacting more than just one faucet or plumbing appliance, then there are some other possible explanations, such as:

There’s Something Going On With the Municipal Water Supply

A relatively common culprit for a decline in water pressure is an issue with the municipal water supply. If your neighbors are also experiencing problems with low water pressure, then you may only need to wait a little bit for it to be restored. Be sure to ask your neighbors, and even give your utility company a call if you’re concerned. Alternatively, the culprit could be…

A Problem with the Pressure Reducing Valve

It’s possible for the water entering your home to come in at a pressure that is too high. In this case, your home will be equipped with a pressure-reducing valve that is attached to the main to regulate it. You might have one in your home and not even know about it.

This is a bell-shaped valve and it is located on the water main right where it enters the home. You can try to adjust it, but ultimately we recommend calling for a plumber to look into the valve and see what repairs are needed.

Hidden Leaks

When water pressure drops, it can often be a warning about a hidden leak or a number of hidden leaks from elsewhere in your plumbing system. If you can’t figure out why you have low water pressure, the best thing to do is call in a licensed plumber who offers leak detection services. The plumber can locate where the leaks are and repair them. It’s possible that the water main itself is losing water.

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