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Serving Northern California Since 1946


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“What Happened to My Water Pressure?”


Let’s say you’ve hopped in the shower on a cold winter morning only to realize that even though it’s warm, the water coming out of the showerhead doesn’t seem to be coming out at the same force that it used to. It could just be the showerhead, right? Limescale can certainly clog things up. That may be the case, but what if your faucets aren’t that powerful either? Well, then it appears you have a drop in water pressure.

If you ever have any questions about your plumbing system or why your water pressure dropped, you can always call us. In fact, you should call us in case you can’t find out what the issue is on your own. This isn’t a problem you want to ignore since it could mean you had a pipe rupture or a major blockage somewhere in your plumbing system. Read on to learn about some steps to take if you find yourself in this predicament.

The Problem Might Be Municipal

The very first step you should take if you notice low water pressure is to check in with your neighbors. Are they experiencing the same issue? If your home is not the only one on the street experiencing this issue, it can definitely be a problem with the municipal water source.

An abrupt decline in the water supply can cause a relative decline in the water pressure of your homes, or it may even be that the water company is fixing a major pipe. Go ahead and give your utility company a call to see if that’s what is going on–you may have missed a notice or perhaps there was an emergency that you’re not aware of.

Check Your Shut-Off Valve

Every home has a shut-off valve for the main water line. We recommend that you always know where this valve is located, even if you’re not in an emergency situation, so you know how to shut it off in the case of an emergency in the future. This can help prevent flooding from a plumbing mishap.

It’s possible that this shut-off valve got stuck if the water company was doing work or if you recently had a plumbing repair done. Check to make sure the valve is open all the way or see if adjusting it helps the water pressure come back up.

You Might Have a Broken Pressure Regulator

Many homes have a component called a pressure regulator that helps lower water pressure that’s too high and might damage the pipes. If this regulator breaks, it can cause the pressure to increase, but it could do the exact opposite, instead–causing the water pressure to sharply decline.

This is actually a relatively common culprit of a sudden drop in water pressure throughout an entire house and a relatively easy problem for our staff to fix! Call our professional plumbers and we can get the pressure regulator replaced for you!

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