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Why You Should Never Use Store-Bought Drain Cleaners


Imagine this scenario: You are brushing your teeth. You have the water running to rinse off the toothbrush when you notice, the water you turned on to wet the toothbrush is still standing in the sink. You have a clog! What’s the first thing you do?

If it’s a superficial enough clog you might reach in the drain and relieve it, or use a plunger to loosen it up and draw it out. If it’s deeper down, however, then you’ll probably reach for a bottle of that store-bought drain cleaner you keep on hand. Don’t! Please don’t. You should never use store-bought drain cleaners. They’re a cheap option, but you literally get what you pay for. Read on as we uncover just why you should never use these store-bought “solutions.”

Store-Bought Drain Cleaners and Openers are Damaging

Have you ever taken a look at the back of the bottle to notice how many warnings are plastered all over it? These warnings are there for a reason—these liquid drain cleaners almost always contain some pretty nasty ingredients. They’re very caustic solutions that can not only injure your eyes and be unhealthy to breathe around, but they can actually eat through your pipes—actually harming the system more than helping!

They do eat through some clogs, particularly hair, but then they coat the inside of your drain pipe—and that’s where corrosion begins. After years of using these types of drain cleaners on your pipes, you’ll find yourself facing numerous leaks, and potentially even a need for repiping. Trust us when we say the cost of having to replace pipes throughout your plumbing system far outweighs what you save by going the “easy route” with store-bought drain cleaners.

So what should you do instead? Call a plumber for professional drain cleaning!

The Professional Difference

We’re not just here to toot our own horn—professional drain cleaning really does make a difference. The thing is, any reputable professional plumber knows that the average store-bought drain openers do much more harm than good. That’s why you won’t find a reputable plumber that will use them! Professional drain cleaning involves more powerful, but less invasive methods.

For instance, drain snaking is one of the traditional ways to clean out a drainpipe. We insert a long cord with an auger on the end down the pipe until it makes contact with the clog. Then, the auger drills through the clog, or latches onto it and pulls it free from the pipe. This is an easy solution that won’t have any lasting negative effects but will ensure the whole clog is removed.

Another popular method among professionals is hydro-jetting, which is when we fire a high-pressured stream of water down the pipe to blast away any clogs in the system. This is a very thorough process, and will prevent clogs from forming as easily in the future!

When you need a quality plumber in Modesto, CA, look no further than DeHart Plumbing, Heating, and Air Inc. Contact us today!

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