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Serving Northern California Since 1946


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How You Can Benefit From a Tankless Water Heater


The standard water heater found in most homes is known as a storage water heater or a tank water heater. You’re familiar with this kind of system since one of them is probably handling your hot water needs at this moment: it uses a large tank to store water, which is kept heated for whenever a tap comes on in the house to request hot water.

There is another option to heat water for your house, however, and you might be considering one for your next water heater install. It’s a tankless water heater. The technology of tankless water heaters has been around for more than a century, but not until the last few decades have they reached the point where they’re immensely beneficial for homes. More and more people are choosing to go tankless for the hot water supply in their homes. 

Why? Tankless water heaters offer several great advantages:

Energy savings

The main fact about tankless water heaters to know is that they only heat water as it’s needed. There is no supply of water kept heated and ready. Instead, when a tap in the house comes on requesting hot water, the movement of water through the water heater activates it so that it heats up the water on the way. When the tap stops requesting water, the water heater stops heating. Because a storage water heater must continually keep its water supply heated and make up for standby heat loss, it uses much more energy than a tankless unit, so you can save significant money by switching to tankless.

Unlimited hot water

You can’t run out of hot water if you have a properly sized and installed tankless water heater. Whenever you need hot water, the water heater will just heat up more. There’s no supply that can be depleted and then leave you without cold water until it can manage to heat up another tank. A tankless heater can lose energy efficiency if too many taps are on at once, but proper installation can find the right power of water heater to avoid this.


A storage tank water heater wears down from the years of keeping a tank of water warmed up. A tankless water heater works less over its service life—and that can help it enjoy a much longer lifespan. You’ll have many more years to enjoy the energy savings of your water heater.

Small size

Without a tank, a tankless water heater takes up much less space. In fact, many tankless water heaters are mounted on walls, and in our California climate, it’s even possible to have them placed on exterior walls. You can reclaim room from your old water heater.

Tankless water heaters are not right for all homes, so if you’re interested in a tankless water heater in Modesto, CA, call up our specialists. We’re the experts in energy-saving major appliances for homes, and we can help determine if you’ll get all the benefits from using a tankless water heater.

Call Greenhart in Modesto, CA for energy-saving solutions for your home. Live Green, Save Green!

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