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PSA: Change That Air Filter!

Yep, we mean right now! Feel free to pause your reading of this blog to change your air filter if you already know how to do it. We can wait.

What if I’ve never changed my air filter before? What even is the air filter? Is it even that important to change the filter this frequently?

These are all excellent questions, and for customers who might be new to this whole “air filter” thing, we’d like to answer them below. Every single air conditioning system utilizes an air filter to keep contaminants away from the sensitive coils and components of the system. This filter gets clogged up and can lead to a whole host of problems if you’re not careful. As your local experts and technicians who provide AC repair in Stockton, CA, we’re here to answer all of your filter-related questions and keep your air conditioning technology in good shape.

What the Air Filter Does

The air filter is a big square component in your air conditioner that attracts all of the contaminants above a certain size that might be in your air. From dust to dirt and hair, this filter can trap them so that the only thing reaching your AC’s coils is clean, breathable air.

This is important because the coils of your AC can actually get dirty over time. This makes them worse at cooling the air in your home and your system becomes way more likely to break down and run into issues. Dust is normally just displeasing, but in the case of your air conditioner, it can lead to physical problems as well as issues with your air quality.

Some air conditioners have air filters that are reusable while others have air filters that are disposable. It’s important to make sure that you follow the right guidelines for your system.

“What If I’ve Never Changed the Filter Before?”

Well, the damage might be already done, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get back on track! Changing your air filter now will be an improvement, even if your system has been running with a dirty air filter for a while. Use this as an opportunity to start taking better care of your system and to change the air filter every 1-3 months.

If there’s no use crying over spilled milk, then there’s no use worrying over a dirty air filter. Just change it and do the best you can!

“Is the Filter Really That Important?”

Yep, it is! We’re not just talking about how it improves your air quality, but the most important thing it does is protect your AC’s interior components. An air conditioner is worth a lot of money, and an air filter helps keep it in good shape for the majority of its lifespan. The longer your system goes with a fully functioning and cleared-out air filter, the more likely it is to last a long and healthy life.

Better Results and High Performance

By changing out your air filter on a regular basis, you get an air conditioner that works with better results and higher performance. The energy efficiency levels will stay high so you pay less on your energy bill every month, while your home stays cooler and more comfortable than it would without a changed air filter.

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