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Tips for When It Gets Too Hot

It’s no secret that we’re already reaching record-high temperatures as of late. And since we’re only in July, they’re likely to continue on this trend until fall finally hits full swing. This isn’t really much of a problem, since a quick trip to the beach or a day in the pool will likely make anyone feel great. But if you’re trying to spend your day-to-day life working, relaxing, or enjoying your hobbies indoors, then your AC is going to be working hard.

So, how about we ease the burden on your air conditioner by doing a few things that can improve temperature control in your home and increase your overall energy efficiency? Sound like a good idea?

There are plenty of things you can do, from hiring a professional for AC repair in Tracy, CA, to running your ceiling fan, that will help keep the scorching hot summer temperatures from causing trouble in your life.

1. Get Your AC Fixed

First things first, if your air conditioner is broken or in rough shape–call our team to get it fixed. All of these tips we’re about to mention can reduce the temperature by a few degrees or can help you feel a bit cooler, but nothing has an impact on your home temperature like an air conditioner. So, that should be your first goal when you see a heatwave on the horizon.

2. Dress in Thin, Loose Clothing

A sweatshirt or jacket might be your favorite look, but it’s not going to be good for being comfortable. Remember to dress in loose, thin clothes like shorts and t-shirts so that your skin can have access to the air around it. This ensures that your sweat gets evaporated and your body remains cool.

3. Employ the Power of Fans

Fans can be great at using a small amount of energy (when compared to an AC) to lower the temperature of a room by a few degrees. When used in conjunction with AC, you can allow for more temperature control with only a minor amount of electricity that you have to worry about.

This can be attributed to any kind of fan, from a boxed fan to a ceiling fan!

4. Stay Hydrated

Human beings require water to not only live comfortably, but to lose excess heat. When the human body is too hot, we produce sweat which removes internal heat when it’s evaporated by cooler air around us. For this process to work properly, and for people to remain healthy, they need to stay hydrated with plenty of water.

Be sure to drink lots of water to ensure your body is staying healthy and can sweat. You can even add fruits, cucumber, or other fun ingredients to give your water electrolytes and make it taste better!

5. Limit the Sunshine

Sunlight can be great for the aesthetics of your home, but it can be brutal on energy efficiency when you’re trying to keep things cool. Sunlight warms things by radiating through the light that’s produced, meaning that all that sunlight entering your home is bound to raise the temperature by a few degrees.

By utilizing curtains and shades, you can eliminate ambient sunlight and cause the temperature to decrease, and make it easier on your air conditioner. This is why natural cave systems are so cool, they don’t have direct access to sunlight!

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