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Serving Northern California Since 1946


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Signs That It’s Time for a New Air Conditioner


Summertime is right around the corner. This means that now is the perfect time to check on your air conditioner and make sure that it is up to the task of getting you through the season comfortably and affordably.

If you’re worried that it’s not up to the job, then it’s a good idea to go ahead and invest in a replacement system now rather than waiting for it to break down completely in the middle of summer. No Modesto area home should be without their central air conditioning system on one of the hottest days of the year!

But how exactly do you know it’s time for that upgrade?

It Costs More and More to Run the System

As your cooling system ages, it slowly starts to lose efficiency as the components within it wear down. At first, you may not really notice this efficiency loss. Eventually, however, it will end up becoming so severe that the air conditioner will be forced to operate for longer periods of time to compensate.

This longer operating time will drive up the monthly cost of using the system. If your air conditioner costs much more than it should from month to month, it may very well be because it’s old and needs replacement.

You Are Calling for Frequent Repairs

Needing a repair every now and then is not a big deal. In fact, it’s expected. The components in your air conditioner go through wear and tear and some of them have to eventually be replaced. But these types of repairs should only happen every few years or so, especially with routine preventative maintenance.

However, if you find that your cooling system needs to be repaired multiple times a year, it is time to consult with a professional about getting a new one. The increased level of frequency in breakdowns is often because the system has finally succumbed to years of wear and tear. The various components inside of it will start to fail in groups, causing the frequency and cost of repairs to rise.

Continuing to have repairs done on a system once it reaches this point will only mean wasting money since you will very likely need to replace it soon anyway. It’s better to do it now and go into the summer with a new system that you can count on.

Your Air Conditioner is Over 15-Years-Old

Even assuming you schedule routine maintenance once a year and you call for repairs the moment you notice something is wrong, your air conditioner can’t be expected to last forever. Eventually, your cooling system will reach an age when it just doesn’t make sense to keep holding on to it.

The average lifespan for an air conditioner is about 10-15 years. After this point, they start to accumulate a host of chronic issues that make it increasingly expensive to keep them up and running.  If your air conditioner has reached this age, it’s time to give our pros a call to start talking about your options.

Reach out to DeHart Plumbing, Heating, and Air Inc. today for quality air conditioning services in Modesto, CA.

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