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Combating the Spread of Winter Illness With Air Purifiers


This winter people are more worried than ever about the spread of illnesses inside their homes. Winter is traditionally a time when people are more exposed to colds and cases of flu because they’re spending a larger amount of time indoors in close proximity to other people. Additionally, many viruses and cold germs thrive in drier, colder environments, and these conditions contribute to dried mucus and sinus membranes that lower the body’s natural defenses. 

You do have options for improving the quality of your indoor air during the winter. There isn’t anything that can guarantee to stop the spread of all germs and microbes but using a professionally installed air purifier in Stockton, CA can significantly reduce the number of harmful particles circulating through your house. These same air purifiers can provide help against allergens and asthma triggers during the spring allergy season.

The Power of the Air Purifier

The air filtration system is the standard starting point for improving air quality in a house. But filters stop larger particles, such as dust and lint. When it comes to organic pollutants that cause illnesses, air purifiers are more effective. But it’s not an either/or situation: most homes will have air purifiers paired with air filters. 

There are different types of air purifiers using a variety of methods to remove unwanted pollutants from circulating through the HVAC system. One method that’s common for targeting microbes and bacteria is the UV germicidal light. A light installed into the ductwork near the evaporator coil of the air conditioner sends out UV radiation that disrupts the cellular functions of contaminants, which either kills them outright or renders them inert and harmless. 

At Greenhart, we install several effective air purifiers, including the PureAir S, the Carbon Clean 16, and the Clean Air 11. You won’t have to worry about picking the right one to meet your needs: our professionals will determine what types of pollutants you’re dealing with and then select the ideal type of air purifier for the job.

A Whole-House Humidifier Can Help

Since we’re on the topic of slowing down illnesses during winter, we want to bring up the power of proper humidification inside the house. Dry winter conditions are one of the reasons that flus and colds can spread so easily. Moisture levels drop in colder weather, and this decline in humidity often leads to people suffering from dried sinuses and mucus membranes, which makes it easier for viruses and germs to spread from person to person. Many viruses and germs survive better in dry conditions as well. 

The best way to increase the humidity level in your house without making it too humid is to have our team install a whole-house humidifier. Along with helping to combat illnesses during winter, a whole-house humidifier helps the house feel warmer without needing to crank up the heater. When relative humidity is balanced around 45%, the house will feel around 8°F warmer. 

To find out more about air purification and whole-house humidifiers, call the Greenhart team.

Greenhart helps you Live Green, Save Green! Call us for indoor air quality services in Modesto, CA and the surrounding area. 

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