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Heed These Signs You Need Repiping


How old is your home? Did you know if it’s more than a few decades old, it might have corroding pipes? This is because the material used to create these pipes doesn’t necessarily last forever–over time they can sustain damage that leads to corrosion and subsequent leaks. As a result, you may find yourself in need of partial or even whole-home repiping.

But how do you know if this is the case? After all, it can be hard for the average homeowner to spot problems in their mostly hidden plumbing system. Read on as we uncover what you should look for in determining your repiping needs!

Rusty Water

If the interior of a pipe gets too rusted or starts corroding, flakes of rust start breaking off and entering your home through your faucets and fixtures. As a result, you’ll notice discolored, rust-tinged water.

Keep in mind, if this rust-colored water is only appearing when you use the hot water taps, it may signal a water heater problem, and not necessarily a plumbing problem elsewhere. This is, of course, still serious and will require looking into a water heater replacement.

Leaks or Corrosion

Let’s say you spotted a leak or suspect corrosion. In some cases, our plumbers can fix these issues with welding or some similar method. But if the same pipe or same section of piping keeps springing a leak, it’s a sign that you need repiping.

If you discover corrosion or rust on a pipe, then a leak is only a matter of time. The good news here is, if you notice corrosion before a leak happens, you can get ahead of the problem before it becomes a costly emergency.

You Have Lead Pipes

Remember how we alluded above that older homes have older pipe materials? Lead pipes aren’t allowed anymore in home construction, but not because of how long they last or don’t last. They’re not allowed because of the health danger they pose to households.

If you have a home over a few decades old, it could be that you have this piping material. If you do, it’s best to schedule repiping ASAP!

Are Plumbing Problems Always a Sign You Need Repiping?

No, not necessarily! But that doesn’t mean you should ignore any issues with your plumbing system. For example, you might have low water pressure caused by a clog in your main water line, but chalk it up to municipal work or something of the like. It’s always best to be diligent about plumbing issues and call a plumber right away rather than making assumptions, which can lead to costlier problems down the road.

Another example of this is if you have unnaturally high water bills. This is often the sign of a leak–not necessarily one that requires repiping but a leak nonetheless. Even the smallest pinhole leak or faucet drip can waste gallons of water over the course of a year, and reflect on your water bills.

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