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Plumbing 911! How Can We Assist You?

Monday, January 6th, 2020

We don’t realize how critical an optimally working plumbing system is until one of its components and fixtures develop a fault. In many cases, a plumbing fault results in an emergency where you need professional help ASAP. If you find yourself in that “plumbing 911” situation in your Modesto house, you should call us.

The following are the plumbing emergency services that we offer as the most dependable local Modesto plumber.

Fix Dripping Taps

A dripping tap doesn’t just create a mess in bathrooms and kitchens. It also results in wasting multiple gallons of clean water every day. The dripping taps can also turn into faucets with uncontrollable water flow if you don’t get them fixed in time. Therefore, if any tap in the house has developed insistent dripping, call us. Our experts will take care of your dripping tap in the first visit to save clean water wastage and bring back convenience.

Fix Running Toilets

A running toilet is worse than a dripping/running tap. However, many people still don’t bother about them. Keep in mind that a running toilet can result in the loss of over 200 gallons of clean water every single day. Therefore, persisting with a running toilet is not just an act of irresponsibility and a disservice to the environment. It can also result in hiking up the water bill. Our plumbing team can fix your running toilets within a couple of hours of your emergency call.

Address the Slowness and Blockage of Drains

Slow and blocked drains can quickly precipitate into a plumbing crisis with dirty water standing in different parts of your property. If you are suffering from this sudden plumbing nightmare, drop us an emergency line. Our expert team will try to resolve your problem within a single visit.

Fix Hot/Cold Water Woes

If you can’t get the required hot/cold water in your taps, it can worsen the use of water in extreme weather. If you struggle to maintain that hot-cold balance, get in touch with us. We will ensure that your water heater and thermostat work perfectly fine along with the connected plumbing fixtures and provide you the water in line with your requirement.

Repair Leaky Pipes

Leaky plumbing pipes are among the worst plumbing situations for various reasons and demand an immediate/emergency response.  Leaky plumbing pipes waste hundreds of gallons of water. They stain the surfaces with mold and mildew growth with a strong stench of dampness. The constant leaking water also seeps into the walls and puts the house’s structural integrity in jeopardy.

For all the reasons mentioned above, consider leaky pipes an emergency and call the professional plumbing contractor to offer full-fledged emergency services at very short notice. Case in point: DeHart Plumbing Heating & Air Inc. Apart from plumbing, we also offer first-rate heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance services to both residential and commercial clients.

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