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Serving Northern California Since 1946


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With summers right around the corner, you are probably already looking for the things you rely on for your outdoor fun, like a hat, a sunscreen, and an esky. But what about your indoor comfort? Is the single most important thing that keeps it cool when temperatures climb in prime condition?

More often than not, your air conditioning system sends you signs when it needs repair. If you address the problem early with our air conditioning repair in Stockton, CA, you are able to save the money and trouble of a full system breakdown.

Here are the top 3 signs that indicate that your air conditioner needs repair!

No Cooling

Lack of cooling is the first and most common sign that indicate something might be wrong with your AC system. If it isn’t cooling as much as it once used to, or not cooling at all, you should know its time to get AC repair. This problem could be due to a failed compressor or as a result of low levels of Freon.

Excessive Moisture

Does your home appear to be more humid than usual? It could be another sign of an AC problem. Usually, pooling water from any leaks in your unit can lead to increased moisture levels in your home. This could potentially result in mold and many other issues that urgent repairs. So if you notice any change in the moisture levels or pooling water near your unit, call us for an inspection right away.

Unusual Noises

Low-level of noise as an air conditioning system start up or shut down is completely normal. But loud, unusual noises can indicate a big underlying problems with your cooling system. If you are noticing any rattling or buzzing noises, it means the problem is a loose part. Similarly, whistling or grinding noises signal an even bigger problem. So its important to understand that ignoring the noise won’t make it go away on its own. Get a professional tune-up sooner than later.

Get Air Conditioning Repair in Stockton, CA Today!

Have you noticed any of the above signs in your AC system of late? Know that ignoring these signs can end up culminating it into a bigger problem. And one that might cost you expensive repairs or even a complete replacement. 

Call DeHart Plumbing Heating & Air Inc. and allow us to prevent these signs from escalating into a system breakdown.

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