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Do Gas Furnaces Use Electricity? Three Tips

Sometimes it can be a bit confusing for customers when they see the two main types of furnaces–gas and electric. While these are fundamentally different systems with different heating processes, they do still both use electricity in specific ways.

For instance, your car might run on gasoline (unless you’ve got an EV), but it still relies on electricity to do a myriad of different tasks. Electricity is just more useful for certain processes than gas, and that’s where our blog topic gets interesting. These facts aren’t readily available for everyone, so we hope you’re ready to learn some cool new information!

Yes, your gas furnace uses electricity. But not in the way you might think! Keep reading down below to learn a few tips on how to address an electrical problem in a gas furnace. And, to make things even easier, you can stop at anytime to call our team for furnace repairs in Riverbank, CA.

A Buzzing Noise

First things first, a buzzing noise is a universal sign that there’s an electrical problem in your home. Whether it’s coming from your computer or your heating system, it’s usually the noise that a broken or frayed electrical connection makes when it can’t quite operate as effectively.

Modern gas furnaces have plenty of electrical components that connect to your home’s power grid. Even if they primarily run on gas, they still require electricity to operate effectively, so a buzzing furnace is likely on the fritz.

Call our team to schedule repairs any time you hear buzzing, whether you’ve got a gas furnace or an electrical one, this problem should be solved quickly.

Ignition Problems

Old furnaces used pilot lights to ignite the burners and heat a home. These were basically standing flames that stayed lit so that the system didn’t need to figure out ways to ignite a flame every time it was required for heat. However, these were both impractical and inefficient, and were quickly phased out due to the advent of electrical ignition systems.

Most modern furnaces have electric ignition units that require a power connection. They only use a tiny bit of electricity, but it’s still required for your gas furnace to work properly. If your furnace can’t ignite for whatever reason, it could be due to a faulty electrical connection that needs to be repaired.

Thermostat Connection Woes

Thermostats are fully electronic devices, especially when they’re modern ones. They send electrical signals to your heating system to turn it on when it’s required. This not only requires electricity, but it usually requires electricity straight from your furnace.

This is why we recommend that customers invest in professional smart thermostat installation, since some furnaces don’t have the power required to operate certain furnaces, and workarounds can sometimes be expensive and take a long time.

Long story short–if you’re encountering issues with your thermostat or the connection between it and your furnace, there might be a power problem that requires professional support.

Schedule an appointment with DeHart Plumbing, Heating, and Air Inc. for furnace repairs you can count on.

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