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How Loud Is a “Too Loud” Sound?

One of the most basic tips we give homeowners during the winter season is for them to pay attention to any uncomfortable or loud heater noises that come up. Heating systems are designed to operate softly in the background, and a loud sound is one of the most obvious signs that something is wrong.

However, one thing we don’t often cover is how loud a sound should be before you call for professional help. This can be tricky to figure out since everyone is different. Your mother might be hard of hearing and might wait until a heater is unbearably loud before calling for help–which is usually too late. But if you’re too aware and call for help every time there’s a gentle noise coming from the vents, then you’re likely just hearing sounds that the system should make.

So, what’s a sound that’s too loud? Find out by reading our guide below. Just make sure you call us for heater repair in Stockton, CA when you’re certain that you need help.

Acceptable Sounds to Hear

Some homeowners are extremely vigilant, to the point where they can become stressed out at the slightest sign of a problem. This can be normal during a period of financial strain since any repair need would cause a big issue to your monthly budget and your living expenses. But the good news is that you might be able to resist the urge to call for help if you’re experiencing normal heating sounds.

For instance, if heated air is gently whooshing from your vents, then this is a perfectly normal sound to hear. Also, as a heating system runs, it will likely “whir” or “purr” as it functions. This noise is usually soft enough to ignore, but even if you do hear it regularly, it’s a sign that things are actually working in your home.

The Sounds That Warrant a Repair Call

Once you start hearing noises that don’t sound familiar such as buzzing, banging, booming, shaking, rattling, or grinding, then you’re in unfamiliar territory. These sounds usually seem unique and can be targeted to one problematic location, like a worn belt or a broken blower fan. We advise our customers to call for help if they detect a sound that’s unfamiliar and a little louder than normal.

Extremely Loud Is a Bad Sign

Let’s say you decide to head to your mother-in-law’s house because she’s told you about a loud sound her heating system is making. But since she’s hard of hearing, you notice that the heater is making an unbearably loud noise that doesn’t even let you hear what she’s saying. This is a major cause for concern and one that would warrant shutting the system down while calling for emergency repairs.

If this system is a gas furnace, for instance, a loud sound could be a sign that the system is losing structural integrity, overheating, and even leaking gas or carbon monoxide. Even with electrical heating systems, a loud sound could mean that the blower fan is about to fall apart which means you won’t get that heat to the other areas of the home easily.

Basically, if a sound is extremely loud, that means the problem is more severe than it otherwise would be.

When in doubt, contact DeHart Plumbing, Heating, and Air Inc. for help with your heating system.

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